June 24, 2024

Making a bigger impact, together

Image by Nicole Baster on Unsplash

Sometimes a challenge is too large for any one company to handle on its own. Improving sustainability in the fashion industry is one of those challenges, unfortunately. It therefore follows that the best way to make meaningful and lasting change is to work together with others.

On that note, we're thrilled to introduce our new Partner Program! We’re inviting anyone who’s working on addressing sustainability in fashion to join us to amplify our combined efforts and help even more brands adopt a sustainability strategy.

Through our Partner Program, our partners can expand their offerings and grow their businesses by leveraging our innovative technology, expertise, and resources. Partners receive in-depth training and personal support, early access to new platform functionality, co-marketing opportunities, greater visibility among our customers and partners, and even financial incentives.

We’ve already welcomed a number of industry leaders in the areas of reverse logistics, shipping and fulfillment, e-commerce, and sustainability consulting, and are working with them to provide our mutual customers even more options for developing their end-to-end sustainability strategy. The more that we can work together, the bigger the impact we can collectively make.

Interested in joining our Partner Program? Learn more.