Reward customer loyalty and earn new revenue

Brands that offer a trade-in program experience a 19% increase in brand loyalty.

Trade in checkout

Two ways to earn from trade-ins

Your customers want to act sustainably, but they also want new clothes. Give them the option to do both while you earn from upselling and reselling.

Earn from upselling

Reward customer loyalty by exchanging gently-used clothes for gift cards, which they’ll likely overspend on new products.

Earn from reselling

Earn new revenue from reselling traded-in clothes a second (or third, or fourth) time. The longer clothes stay in use, the more you earn.

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Run your trade-in program like a pro

With us managing your trade-in program, you'll have everything you need to give customers a great experience and keep your program growing.


Align the trade-in experience with your brand – from logo and colors to media and messaging. You can even use your domain.


Connect to your Shopify account to make it easy for customers to trade-in items from their purchase histories and to search your catalog.


Assign trade-in values based on product categories, control product eligibility, and set custom shipping fees.

Gift cards

Avoid the headache of issuing gift cards. Generate and email gift cards to customers for accepted items with a single click.


Use our integrated shipping solution to generate pre-paid shipping labels and track delivery of shipments to your warehouse.


Track the performance of your trade-in program, assess customer engagement, and review trade-in histories in real-time.

While we launched our circular program at the very beginning of our business, we always knew it was what you might generously call a “lean business” approach. With help of The Again Co. we are able to make our system so much easier for our customers and our team. This saves us time and money, and will help us bring circularity to more families. I love working with creative and flexible partners to make things happen!

Marianna Schase
Marianna Schase

CEO & Founder, Jackalo

Affordable for brands of all sizes

High fees and long-term contracts shouldn’t get in the way of launching your resale program. You’ll have neither when you work with us.

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Malaika New York
The Oaks Apparel Company
Am.A-Line Collections
Cancel any time

No long-term contract to lock you in. If you’re not satisfied, cancel any time without penalty. It’s that simple.


We work on commission, not subscription, to make sure your resale program is affordable and profitable.

No hidden fees

Everything you need to launch and run a successful resale program is included in our commission.

Expert support

Count on our team of experts to help you make the best decisions for your business and your customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are trade-in programs?

Trade-in programs are a circular business model that encourage customers to exchange their pre-loved clothes for gift cards. Clothes that are in good condition are usually resold as a way to earn additional revenue, though donation and recycling are also common.

Why should I offer a trade-in program?

A trade-in program is a great way to earn repeat business from customers and to highlight your commitment to circularity. It’s also a great way to earn new revenue from reselling traded-in products and when customer overspend their gift cards.

How long does it take to set up a trade-in program?

Your store can be live in as little as one week. During that time we’ll ask for your feedback and your help to personalize your program. In all, you’ll spend approximately two hours during the process. Learn more about onboarding.

Are there any other fees I should know about?

We charge a one-time setup fee and a monthly minimum. We also ask that you reimburse us for in-bound shipping costs. Other than that, there are no other fees to run your trade-in program on our platform. Everything else is included in our commission.

Am I really free to cancel any time?

Yes, really. We believe that trust and accountability are key to building lasting partnerships, and we're ready to prove it day-in and day-out. If you’re not completely satisfied, you're free to cancel.

How do I get started?

We’re glad you asked! If you’re ready to start, please contact us. If you still have questions or would like to get a closer look at how trade-in works, please request a demo. Either way, we’ll get back to you right away.