Apr 8, 2024

Introducing Essential by Dot

Essential by Dot

We’re excited to announce the launch of Essential by Dot! Dot by Mor is a luxury women’s brand that creates fine knitted original fabric and tailored clothing inspired by origami crumpling technique. Essential by Dot is its new store for discovering limited-edition and sample pieces.

Dot is leveraging our circularity platform to list these pieces for sale, track orders, collect payments and fulfill orders. Offering these pieces through Essential by Dot provides an opportunity for them to be rediscovered by shoppers across demographics and geographies.

Dot by Mor was founded by Mor Shukrun. Mor’s designs explore the endless possibilities that can be redrawn from a single dot. With a background in textile design, she knew that her starting point will be the fabric she wanted to create. Her fascination with the concept of “vanishing point” drove her to invent a new fabric that is light yet durable enough to achieve optical illusions that can compliment any shape and form of the human body.

We’ve had a ton of fun working with Mor on this project, and we’re grateful to help her take this important next step in her company’s journey. We look forward to continuing to help her reach new customers, and to help her incredible pieces find new homes.