Jul 10, 2024

Welcoming Helpsy to our Partner Program

TACo x Helpsy

We’re thrilled to welcome the newest member of our Partner Program, Helpsy!

Helpsy collects, sorts, and trades secondhand clothes and shoes. It’s mission is to keep clothing out of the trash and provide honorable work. By keeping clothes in use longer, the company has saved nearly 6 billion gallons of water and nearly 207 million pounds of CO2 emissions that would have been used to create new clothing. In 2023 alone, Helpsy collected more than 31 million pounds of clothes, shoes, and other items.

With Helpsy as a partner, our customers now have another option for responsibly dealing with surplus, damaged products, and returns that don’t sell through their pre-loved stores. Instead of discarding these products, they can be sold to Helpsy, who will identify the best path for those products to remain in use, or will donate or recycle them.

Through our partnership, we hope to make an even stronger case for brands to consider resale as an alternative to discarding their surplus, damaged products, or returns.

Learn more about our Partner Program, or Contact us to join.