July 6, 2023

Feature Spotlight: Episode 2 - Community


Welcome to the second episode of our “Favorite Features” series in which we highlight the unique and engaging features of our platform. Today we’re excited to showcase our community features!

Why Community Is Important

A lot of effort goes into building a brand’s community. It’s a worthwhile investment because an active community increases brand awareness, generate sales, and keeps customers engaged. When done right, a community amplifies the brands’s values and mission, and provides it with valuable insight into the opinions of its customers.

Community is also important for shoppers because it gives them a place to share their experiences, make their opinions heard, and get help with issues. An active community signals that the brand cares about engaging with its customers in an effort to improve their experience and develop products that its customers will find valuable. Communities are an opportunity to connect and be part of something greater than just owning a product.

How We Build Community

Our approach to building community takes several forms. Our three favorites include the ability to share listings with other social networks, follow members in the community, and the updates feed.


Our personal networks extend beyond a particular community. It’s therefore essential that we provide a way for people to share information among those various networks. We do this by allowing the sharing of listings across social media. Anyone is able to easily share a listing to one of seven social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and WhatsApp. Broadcasting listings helps to raise awareness for the brand’s pre-loved program, which will help attract new members. And as is the case with all networks, each new member greatly increases the value of the community for everyone else.

Share to social

A community is its people, of course. That’s why we allow members to follow each other. A short bio on each member’s profile gives people the opportunity to introduce themselves, and making the list of followers public helps everyone discover other members. It’s also helpful to follow people who wear the same size clothes or who may have a similar taste. Doing so increases the likelihood of discovering products that a shopper may be interested in buying.


There is also a hidden benefit to following particular sellers — better prices. Building a relationship with a particular seller could very well result in your offers being accepted more often. We talked about offers in our prior episode, but in summary, offers allow sellers and shoppers to privately negotiate a price for an item. The power of relationships could turn good deals into great ones!


The updates feed provides information about everything that’s happening in the community, as well as information relating to a particular purchase or sale. For example, the updates feed might include information about new listings, new followers, and shipment status updates for your recent purchase. The feed can be filtered to focus on particular topics, such updates relating to items in my wishlist or offers that I’ve received. In many ways it’s the pulse of the community, and a convenient way for people to catch up on what’s going on.

Updates feed

Learn More

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