Resale is good for business and the planet

Win new customers, increase revenue, and improve sustainability with your own resale marketplace

Your customers are already shopping secondhand

Take back control of your brand and customer relationships and gain valuable insight in the process
Win new customers

84% of shoppers are already shopping secondhand somewhere else. Reach these new customers by offering your own resale marketplace.

Grow and diversify revenue

Increase customer lifetime value 4-7x, earn a commission from marketplace sales, and earn more from returns by selling them through your marketplace.

Improve sustainability

Shoppers are looking for sustainable options. Allowing them to resell reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing that product by up to 80%.

One partner to manage your resale marketplace

We handle every aspect of your marketplace to make sure that your customers always have an outstanding experience

Our expert team has decades of experience building cloud software.


Our platform is secure, scalable, and available to serve your customers 24/7.


Professional and prompt customer care via chat and email.


Integrated payment processing and payouts powered by PayPal.


Automated label generation, delivery tracking, and insurance.


Built-in seller verification, sales tax collection, and automated 1099s.

Offering resale is easier than you expect

We take care of everything - you start earning immediately
Launch your marketplace

We'll build and host a branded resale marketplace that aligns with your brand's messaging and that integrates with your Shopify store.

Earn on every transaction

Collect a commission on every sale, and encourage new sales by allowing sellers to redeem their proceeds as gift cards.

Adapt your business

Compete more effectively with insights into shopper preferences and evolving trends from your resale marketplace.

Simple, transparent pricing and no contract

We're committed to your success, and we're ready to prove it

4.9% of sale price

($0.99 for sales under $20)
  • No hidden fees

    We collect 4.9% from you and 11.9% from the seller. A one-time setup fee may also apply. These fees help us operate your marketplace smoothly.

  • No contracts

    We don't believe in forcing our customers to sign long-term contracts. If you're not satisifed with our service, you're free to cancel. It's that simple.

  • Platform updates

    We update our platform regularly to introduce new features and improve the experience. We'll automatically update your marketplace with new features for free.

We'd love to hear from you

Whatever you may be curious about, we're here to help
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