Turn pre-loved products into revenue

Apparel brands of all sizes rely on our circularity platform to run their trade-in programs, peer-to-peer resale marketplaces, and off-price stores.


Three new ways to earn revenue

There are many ways circularity can help your brand grow. We let you choose the combination that’s right for you.


Accept pre-loved products from customers in exchange for gift cards. You'll earn when they purchase new clothes and when you resell their pre-loved ones.

Peer-to-Peer Resale

Your customers are already shopping pre-loved somewhere else. Give them the option to do so in your marketplace and earn a commission on every sale.


Sell overstock, samples, and damaged products in a branded off-price store and other surplus inventory in a branded off-price instead of liquidating them. You'll earn more revenue and improve sustainability.


Only pay for what you actually need

The flexibility to build a pre-loved program that’s right for your brand, and the freedom to cancel any time.

$ 1.49 / item

For brands who want to control the resale experiene and reward loyalty with gift cards.

Peer-to-Peer Resale
From $ 149 / month

For brands who prefer to let customers buy and sell pre-loved among themselves.

Off-Price Store
14.9 % of sale ($2.49 mininum)

For brands who want to recover more revenue from surplus inventory.


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