The resale platform for fashion brands

We're on a mission to improve sustainability through resale

Resale is great for business and the planet

Sustainability matters to your customers - it should matter to you


Grow through resale

Resale is growing 11x faster than retail, totalling 16% of the global market by 2030


Attract new customers

Most people are buying your products for the first time secondhand...somewhere else

4 - 7x

Increase lifetime value

Customers who resell spend 4-7x more over their lifetimes than average customers

One partner to manage your resale marketplace

Everything your marketplace needs to succeed in one platform

Our expert team has decades of experience building cloud software


Our platform is secure, scalable, and available to serve your customers 24/7


Professional and prompt customer care via chat and email


Integrated payment processing and payouts powered by PayPal


Automated label generation, delivery tracking, and insurance


Built-in seller verification, sales tax collection, and automated 1099-Ks

Launch your resale marketplace in two weeks

We take care of all the details - you start earning immediately
Launch your marketplace

Work with us to design a resell experience that aligns with your messaging and your values

Earn on every transaction

Collect a commission on sales, and encourage new sales by allowing sellers to redeem proceeds in credits

Adapt your business

Compete more effectively with insights into customer preferences and trends from your resale marketplace

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